Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Feral Elves in The Black Lands of Sab'bath

The elves of Sab'bath, known as the Dionians, are a devolved offshoot of the high elves of far away lands. Straying from their ancestors, they've forgotten all of the magick and technology that was part of day to day lives of the Eldar. Now crude and wretched they to be the savage blood thirsty race that the high elves accuse humans of being. Preferring to remain inside their spider haunted forests, Dionians rarely leave their sylvan fortress. Although few Dionians leave the forests to see the world outside.

The Dionians are smaller than the high elves (around 4.5 feet), with long hair and facial hair, and animal like claws. They tend to use primitive weapons like bow and arrow, flint tipped spears, stone axes, blow guns and some metal weapons left over from their ancestors the high elves.

Living in the forests, they tend to be expert hunters, trackers, and ambushers. If only they could reign in their savagry...


  1. Do they haveto be regressed? What about the Avari in the Silmarillion?

  2. I was thinking of the Dionians as being lesser than humans, so regression might be a better way to go. But I'll give it some thought since this project is in it's infancy.