Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Now for some rock (Music to game to: Black Sabbath)

Among collecting rpg and wargaming material, I also collect records. And you haven't heard Black Sabbath unless you've heard them on vinyl! Sabbath has a lot of moody atmospheric metal that fits into perfectly in to your dungeons and wilderness campaigns. Hell, I may even create a whole gaming world based on Black Sabbath lyrics!

Their self titled album was still somewhat influenced by 60's psychedelia, but was a huge departure from the flower children vision of peace and love. Instead it was a tapestry of fear, dread and paranoia.

Nothing's darker than the song Black Sabbath!

My personal favorite is Volume IV, it's just so heavy and perfect. Just listen to Supernaut!

Here's a good theme for an evil wizard or character NPC!

And finally, Black Sabbath's homage to pig face orcs!

Hmm....I need to hash out some more thoughts on this. It could be interesting.


  1. I was born Friday Feb. 13th 1970 - the day their debut album released. I came into the world with the Sabbath power-chord. \m/

  2. A good omen, or bad one depending on your point of view. :)

  3. Great minds and all that:


    Or demented minds, perhaps?


  4. Wow! Sham, we're on the same page, but it looks like you beat me to the punch by about 2 years. :P

  5. I discovered Sabbath about the same time as D&D (1980?). Great post. I don't care for the Dio years nearly as much as the Ozzy years but there is a fair amount of inspiration be had from tracks like Children of the sea, Sign of the southern cross, Voodoo, and of course Neon Knights.