Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Black Lands of Sab'bath map

This is a quick map I did for the Black Lands of Sab'bath.

1. Tomb of the Iron Man-God (based on Matt Finch's Tomb of the Iron God)
2. Sabra River
3. City State of the Lord of This World (The ruler of the City State is a benevolent warlord Iomoti)
4. Dionian Forrest
5. Spiral Tower of the Mad Sorcerers (who stare Into The Void in The Hole In the Sky)
6. Snow Blind Mountains (home of the Dwarf clan, Clan Frost Bear)
7. Keep of the Neon Knights (who are the first defense against the War Pigs)
8. War Pig Wastes (this area used to be rich with settlements, but now is a sundered realm populated with Orcs)


  1. All I I can really say is "No! No! Please god help me!"

  2. Hey! I just came to this blog. If you are looking for additional ideas, I would suggest playing the xBox 360 game BRUTAL LEGEND. There are a MILLION cool ideas you can steal from there, about a heavy metal wasteland. 8)