Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Diet of Worms and the Old School Reformation

The assembly of the Holy Hasbro Empire decided long ago not to support older style gaming. And had issued a papal bull outlining newer styles of gaming, remaking what is now a 400+ page tome of rules and regulations to follow. When the original text was good enough to follow without adding any newer and more concise rules.

For years we have had to pay indulgences by buying new updated rules every 5 years or so, and paying more money for each addition.

Then came the OSR. With it 95 theses nailed to the door of the Church of Holy Hasbro, outlining the complex simplicity of the original rules.

Heresy some said, but here we are now a year or two later gaining more and more supporters every day.

Let's not split further into calvins and anabaptists if the OSR movement, but remain focused on the reason why we play the classic games.


  1. Or Gygaxists and Arne-baptists as the case may be ...

  2. You must follow the One d6 True Faith(s)!