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Royal Armies of The Hyborean Age: Army List (Shem)

Shem 1500 Points

Banner: Varies by city state. One is a sky blue field with a gold stylized sun in the center.

Shem is a geographic area composed of well organized city states that would band together in times of war. As they all share a common culture and military structure their armies are identical and individual units would carry the banner and use the shield device of their own city.

The Shemites are best known for their excellent archers who are sought after as mercenaries throughout the Hyborean age. Their bow has a longer range than any other bow in use and they have the solid morale of regular troops. In addition to archers, the various city states maintain forces of well equipped infantry in the tradition of the historical Greek hoplites. These heavy spearmen would favor white clothing with red trim.

Each city state would maintain a unit of elite Guard Spearmen which would wear red tunics trimmed in white. A Shemite army, to be representative, should have only one guard unit as each city would have only one unit of this type. The army as a whole might include contingents from several city states.

Shemite cavalry would resemble Saracen mailed lancers and would be made up of the nobility of the various city states. Each unit would carry the banner of their own city and would favor red clothing. There would also be one unit of guard type elite mailed lancers in a typical Shemite army though these would look like any other cavalry unit.

A typical breakdown for a Shemite field army is below:

Mailed Lancers- -HC- -B- -12- -30-40
Elite Lancers- -HC- -A- -12- -1 unit
Heavy Foot- -HI- -B- -24- -30-60
Guard Foot- -HI- -A- -30- -1 unit
Shemite Archers- -LI- -B- -18- -10-30

Old Glory Babylonian Heavy Cavalry, Elite Lancers

Old Glory Syrian Archers, Shemite Bowmen

Old Glory Assyrian Cavalry, Mailed Lancers

Old Glory Anatolian Spearmen, Guard Infantry

Old Glory Heavy Assyrians, Heavy Shemite Foot

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