Thursday, February 11, 2010

Royal Armies of The Hyborean Age: Army List (Stygia)

Stygia 2000 Points

Banner: Black Serpent on a green field.

Stygia most closely compares to a stylized version of ancient Egypt with a strong dose of magic. A stygian army in the field is the only army that would almost invariably include a unit of magicians. The following is a description of the more conventional parts of the Stygian army. Information on the magicians or wizards can be found under Wizards in the appendices.

The army of Stygia relies upon three types of troops. These are medium spearmen, archers, and units of light chariots. There would not be any mercenaries or any cavalry in a Stygian army.

The medium infantry were spearmen who wore green tunics. Archer units were composed of regular light infantry who also wore green. The light chariots were pulled by two zebras and each carried a crew of two, a driver and a n archer. Chariot crews wore white with green trim. The chariot itself was constructed of wood and painted in elaborate designs in pastel colors. The zebras would often have plumes attached to their heads and elaborate harnesses.

The following is a breakdown for a typical Stygian army.

Medium Spearmen- -MI- -B- -24- -45-60
Light Archers- -LI- -B- -18- -20-30
Light Chariots- -LCH- -B- -6- -10-15

Old Glory New Kingdom Egyptians.

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