Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Royal Armies of The Hyborean Age: Army List (Pictland)

Pictland 1500 Points

Banner: None.

The Picts most closely resemble American Indians without feathers. They can fight even up against formed infantry but would be able to move and fight better in difficult terrain. To cover this the Picts are considered to be Medium Infantry for combat purposes but they do not suffer the same penalties that other mediums suffer in rough terrain. They are to move as lights in rough terrain and not suffer combat subtractions to their die roll or lose their charge bonus in such terrain.

In addition, The Picts all carried throwing axes or javelins so that they will be allowed missile fire like archers with a range of three inches. All fire being taken like arrow fire at maximum range.

Picts wear animal skins and simple materials in earth colors. They would paint their faces, chests, and upper arms with blue woad. Their shields would be of animal hides or wood.

Though the Picts are organized loosely and are not a true nation they do have a King and could field a sizeable army which would be organized as follows.

Elite Foot- -MI- -A- -36- -20-40
Regular Foot- -MI- -B- -36- -20-40
Archers- -MI- -B- -18- -30-40

Khurasan's Chichimecs

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