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Royal Armies of The Hyborean Age: Army List (Turan)

Turan 3000 Points

Banner: Medium green field with silver cursive writing across the center horizontally.

Turan was a major power in the Hyborean Age and in many ways the greatest rival to Aquilonia. It can best be compared to the historical model of Moslem or Sassanid Persia. With a powerful military force of it's own, Turan often used mercenaries of the elite free companies for heavy infantry and cavalry. Such mercenaries could make up to 25% of a Turanian force in the field.

The following types are teh Turanian native element of the type of armies fielded by Turan.

Mailed cavalry was heavily relied upon and it was similar to the heavy Saracen cavalry that fought the Crusaders in historical times. The units wore uniforms in the green tones and favored plain steel shields. They carried the banner of Turan into battle.

The royal guard, called The Immortals, was heavy infantry and it was known to wear medium green trimmed in silver. Their shields were silver and they carried the Turanian flag.

A Turanian army also included levies as both foot and horse archers. The foot archers wore no uniforms but tended to wear dark green and earth tones. They, like all archer units, would have no banners.

The horse archers were levies and wore no uniforms. They could wear whatever colors the individual men chose to wear into battle and they had no banners.

Below is a percentage breakdown of troop types in a Turanian army. The cavalry was 30-50% of the army.

Elite Mailed Cav.- -HC- -A- -12- -0-25
Reg. Mailed Cac.- -HC- -B- -12- -25-90
Horse Archers- -MC- -C- -12-18- -10-50

The infantry composed 50-75% of the native portion of the army of Turan. It's breakdown follows:

Regular Spearmen- -MI- -B- -24- -66-75
Immortals- -HI- -A- -30- -1 unit
Levy Archers- -LI- -C- -12- -25-33

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