Monday, February 8, 2010

Royal Armies of The Hyborean Age: Army List (Nemedia)

Nemedia 2500 Points

Banner: Scarlet field with a gold dragon in center.
Nemedia is one of the Kingdoms of the West and in fairly medieval in flavor. The knights would be somewhat more ornate than the Aquilonians, perhaps like the Teutonic knights. The infantry would be well drilled and they would include regular archers (as opposed to levies).

The infantry, like the Aquilonian foot, is made up of the men-at arms of the various Nemedian barons. They would favor brown and green in their dress and would bear the shield device and banner of their own baron.

Nemedia would have a unit of guard infantry attached to the throne. This unit would wear gold armor in the Roman style with gold helmets and red plumes. The guard would wear red and would carry the Nemedian banner and shield device.

the archers would be light infantry but very professional. Like the infantry they would tend to wear green and brown.

The knights would be the barons and their mounted men-at-arms. Several figures in each unit would wear the shield pattern of their own baron. Heavy cavalry units would carry the Nemedian banner unless they were totally from the force of a single powerful baron, in which case, they would carry his personal banner.

There would be one unit of peers or guard cavalry which would wear red and carry the Nemedian banner.

In addition to the regular army there was in Nemedia a class of professional soldiers called the Adventurers. This class was composed of second sons of noblemen who chose a professional secondary role. As they held no formal titles of nobility, they disdained personal shield devices and banners and all carried plain steel shields and tended to wear plain steel armor. They all wore sky blue clothing as a mark of honor and were known for the use of two handed broadswords.

Cavalry would make up 25-40% of the army and it's breakdown follows:

Nemedian Knights- -HC- -B- -12- -75-100
Royal Guard- -HC- -A- -12- -0-20
Adventurers- -HC- -A- -12- -0-20

The infantry would comprimise 60-75% of the army and would be organized as follows:

Regular Foot- -HI- -B- -24- -40-90
Regular Archers- -LI- -B- -12- -10-25
Royal Guard- -HI- -A- -30- -1 unit
Adventurers- -HI- -A- -24- -0-20

Teutonic Knights by Mirliton for Nemedian Knights and Adventurers.

Old Glory's Men at arms for Royal Guard troops

Old Glory's medievals for Regular Foot


  1. I know REH says they look Teutonic, but I don't like this look for Hyboria. If I ran this army I'd go with an earlier Dark Ages feel or maybe use lesser knights and men-at-arms of the later medieval period.

  2. Actually there isn't anything in the original Conan books that says they look like Teutonic Knights. That was just from the game. Lin Carter took a lot of liberties with REH's works. But as I've been re-reading the books, I'm discovering more and more that I've misinterpreted some of the cultures in Hyboria. There are quite a few medieval societies in the series, like Aquilonia, Koraja and Nemedia.

    As soon as I come across some notable quotes, I'll post them.

  3. Wasn't it you who posted the quote about Nemedia a bit ago? That's what I was referring to when I posted my comment.

    The existence of Medieval mixed in with Dark Ages and Classical states makes the world of Conan even more archetypical for the fantasy RPG worlds we play in today.