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Royal Armies of The Hyborean Age: Army List (Kush)

The Kushites are simple as they are organized in the same fashion as the Picts. Their army is based on Medium Infantry and as loose tribal units they would carry no banners.

Juma's* Kingdom fields more of a regular army than the other black tribes could field. The units are distinguished by matching shields of animal hide. This is an all infantry army which would be able to maneuver in rough terrain so that the terrain rules written for the Picts would also apply to the Kushites and to Juma's army.

Juma based his army on large units of Medium Spearmen which would have regular B-Class morale. These units would be 36-48 figure and would make up 55-85% of Juma's army. They would carry hie shields and might have some leather armor. In addition to these medium units, Juma would field one unit of heavy guard spearmen. This Royal Guard would be distinguished by leopard shields and tall white plumes. As guard unit, they would have A-Class morale and might wear Western style armor. The Royal Guard would be 36 figures.

Light Infantry Archers would serve in units of twelve figures and would be classed as "regulars" with B-Class morale. These would make up between 15 and 25% of Juma's forces.

Juma's Royal Guard would carry Juma's banner of a tiger on a red field. Other units of spearmen might also carry this banner while the archer units would not carry a banner at all. The following is the full breakdown for Juma's Kingdom:

Regular Infantry- -MI- -B- -36-48- -55-85
Royal Guard- -HI- -A- -36- -1 Unit
Light Archers- -LI- -B- -12- -15-25

All Medium Infantry would also Carry Javelins which would be classed as hand thrown weapons. These can be thrown under the same rules that are used for the Picts and the Northern Barbarians.

*Juma was a creation of L. Sprague De Camp's in the story "The City Of Skulls"

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