Saturday, February 6, 2010

Royal Armies of The Hyborean Age: Army List (Kozaki)

Kozaki 500 Points

Banner: None

The Kozaki do not compose a true nation but are formed in bands under their own chieftains. They would form together in an army in time of war, often to harry the Hyrkanians. Though there is no national banner, the individual units might carry a color standard in a color chosen by their own leader.

This is an all cavalry force with the sabre as it's chosen weapon of. The Kozaki would wear lacquered leather armor and their equipment would be plain leather. Their clothing could be any color as they would have no uniforms.

The cavalry breaks down as follows:

Mailed Cavalry- -HC- -A- -12- -0-10
Veterans- -MC- -A- -12- -0-40
Regulars- -MC- -B- -12- -50-100

Old Glory Cossacks

Old Glory Cossacks

Old Glory Tartars

....or I could go with Khurasan's Sarmatians and Avars/Bulgars!


Avars and Bulgars

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