Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hobbillies live on the outskirts of civilization outside Imadjapoor City. Most of their dwellings consists of dilapidated wagons resting on cinderblocks. Hobbillies are mostly know for their moonshine which they sell to local Imadjapooran bodegas. Mayor Chairly Madder has made the hobbilly hooch illegal, mainly because the local taxing authority is met with great disdain in the wagon courts of hobbilly land.

Pee Wee: "Paw! I done winged the tax man with mah gunne!"
Paw: "Atta boy! I always knew that big city education would rub off on you! You were always good with triggernometry!"

MR: 20
Combat Dice: 2D+1


  1. I really like this idea. All humor aside, the idea of haflings living on the fringes of human society makes a lot of sense.