Friday, December 4, 2009

Goblin Cult of the Rat

In the Underdrek lurks the sinister Cult of the Rat! The cult is made up entirely by Goblins and they worship Bubo the Rat God. Bubo is believed to be the world rat (Ouroborat), completely surrounding the world with the end of it's gigantic tail firmly in his mouth. The minions of Bubo will one day rule the world and glut itself on the refuse of civilization and spread pestilences to the populace. It's rumored that there is a gigantic shrine to the Rat God in the festering tunnels of the Underdrek, with countless treasures sitting underneath a stone statue of Bubo.

The cult doesn't tolerate any killing of rats, so rat catchers are wary of doing their jobs in Imadjapoor. The Rat On A Stick franchise is the main focus of the cults ire. The Cult of the Rat has special shock troops called Terrorats who do seek and destroy missions on various businesses, citizens and members of the local government of Imadjapoor. The terrorats have destroyed several of the popula fast food chain's buildings, and it's patrons have been randomly attacked in the streets of Imadjapoor. The cult has become a little more than a nuisance and they have been outlawed in Imadjapoor.

You can tell a Goblin cultist by his maroon colored robes, and the swarm of rats surrounding him. Not to mention the overpowering stink of the Underdrek on the cultists.

Bubo The Great Rat God (Ouroborat)

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