Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Drek Elf - Denizen of the Underdrek

Underneath the city of Imadjapoor City, there is an underground sewage system known affectionately known as The Underdrek! These winding tunnels are home to brigands, wandering monsters and unspeakable horrors (those are the nice folks!). Then there are the Drek Elves! Backstabbing, petty thieves and cutpurses all plus they have a psychotic nature.

Physically they resemble a sort of goblinoid elf (although the goblins won't admit to any kinship with these buggers). Light grey skin, black hair and long fingers with 2 inch long claws. Watch out for the claws, after all they are called Drek Elves! They're slightly smaller than elves, average height being around 4.5 - 5 foot tall. And they are slight of build but don't let that fool you, they aren't weaklings.

They tend to run in gangs of about 4-5 but can be ferocious one on one.

Combat Dice: 4 + 1
Special Abilities:Poison Claws 2D6 damage+1 point every round until wound is cleaned or healed.

STR 13, CON 20, INT 12, WIZ 12, LK 15, DEX 17,CHR 7, SPD 14

Armor Hits: 10
AP Award: 35

(subject to changes and updates)

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