Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Role Playing Ideas: DC Comics' Warlord

I've always been intrigued by Mike Grell's series The Warlord, and with all of these RPG ideas floating around there I thought I would throw Warlord as an RPG world.

If you are a fan of Planet stories like Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom or Pellucidar series, Leigh Brackett's Skaith series, Alan Burt Akers "Dray Prescot" series, or John Norman's Gor series; you'll enjoy The Warlord! It's definitely a Swords and Sorcery series told in comic book form. And there's plenty of fodder for role playing ideas!

The main character Travis Morgan, was a vietnam veteran fighter pilot who flies through a hole in the Earth's crust and finds himself in the underground realm of Skartaris. Where he encounters beautiful scantily clad women, evil sorcerers and monsters galore!

I'll try do do some stats for D&D in the months to come.


  1. A shiny penny and tons of Geek/Gamer cred if you do Warlord in 28mm!

  2. I was thinking about that! It would definitely be a challenge, and would take away from the Hyborian minis (but I don't need to convert all of the minis, I'm just doing that for fun). I have some armatures and dolls made by Reaper that are just screaming Warlord!!!

  3. Well, that or you could find a lot of minis that work stock. I definitely didn't mean that you should sculpt them frm scratch.

  4. Were you aware of the new comic? Warlord was one of my faves as a kid.