Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ghost Miniatures

Old Glory has a line of miniatures called Ghost Miniatures. These haven't gotten enough press, in my opinion so I'm going to plug them here. If you like classic gaming miniatures, these will be right up your alley. Keep in mind that these are older sculpts and not quite as dynamic as a lot of newer figures. They also are tru 25mm so a little smaller that the newer "heroic" scale.

Being a big fan of barbarians, these were the natural choice for me. I like the fantasy viking look to them.

I'm not real crazy about the orcs. They're a little stiff and a little too GW for my taste. Although I do really like the War Chariot!

I've got a couple Giants and really like them! They're a little cartoony, but hey, they're giants!

The Ice Trolls look pretty decent, although I haven't bought any yet.

The Rangers have a classic Robin Hood look to them.

And my personal favorite, the Dwarves!

And where else are you going to find Dwarf Samurai?

There's also a decent line of elves.


I'm not a big fan of their human knights, but old glory has lot's of historical medieval knights that more than make up for the fantasy ones. Especially the Teutonic knights, I've always felt that they have a fantasy look to them anyways.

Check out more from Old Glory here!

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