Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Grey Hawk Wars 15mm

I recently started a new project.  After letting my Hyborian stuff fall by the wayside I started another daunting task, creating the armies of Greyhawk.

I decided to start off with The Horned Society.  I just find them mysterious and interesting.  This particular miniature is supposed to be Plar Rostal the cavalry leader of The Horned Society.  There's no description of him that I can find so I'll have to use my imagination.  I figured if Warduke is a Heirarch of The Horned Society then maybe Plar Rostal would also have similar arms and armor.

The main body is a Museum Miniatures English Mounted Man at Arms and I just did a head swap with a Black Hat (Gladiator) Renaissance Italian swordsman.  I added some Pro Create for the cape, fur lining and horns.  I'm pretty happy with the results and we'll see how well it paints up.