Friday, November 27, 2015

Holmes For The Holidays

I was planning on running Holmes Ed. D&D for my family this weekend.  I really want to start out with B1: In Search of the Unknown, and while doing so web searches I found a wealth of information on this one module.  I may postpone a week just so I can take in some of these extra fan-made work.  Lots of great stuff compiled on Zenopus Archives  and D&D Shack has a great map of Quasketon Tower.  I'm really not sure why the tower was mentioned in the original material but wasn't mapped out?  Then again maybe it was meant to be left up in the air.

I'm looking forward to running the B series and hope to bring in "The Keep on the Borderlands" and others in as well for the campaign.


  1. Nice. I'm running a combo of B1 and B2 on Swords & Wizardry in my home campaign right now.