Monday, May 13, 2013

Army Of The Blind Dead

A while back I had bought some of Black Raven Foundry's (Old Glory 15s) Wraiths to use for Mighty Armies.  Online they looked really cool, but in person they were even better!  I didn't realized that the wraiths were actually skeletons in robes so this changed my approach for painting them.  Instead of going with the "Tolkienesque" Ringwraith look, I opted to base them on an old horror movie series that I really like "Tomb Of The Blind Dead".

I really like the way these turned out and think I captured the feel of the Undead Knights Templars (Wights Templar)  fairly well.  The miniatures themselves are a bit bigger than 15mm and I'll post some comparative pictures later.  I've also got some mounted characters and a Wraith King on a Fell Beast which I'll post later.

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