Saturday, August 4, 2012

Royal Armies Of The Hyborian Age: More Aquilonians and Knights of Poitain

One of the biggest challenges for me with Aquilonia is finding the perfect miniatures to represent them. I could go the historical route which would be early 100 years war British or French.  One of my personal dislikes for that route would be using bascinet "pigs snout" style helmets, I just have a hard time imagining the Knights of Poitain or the Black Dragons using this style of helmet.

This has led me to do a head swap.  I was using some Roundway miniatues Spanish medievals with a head swap with their line of Russian knights and a bit of grey stuff to sculpt on some capes.  These particular figure are supposed to represent the Black Dragons (Elite Royal Aquilonian Guard Unit) and the Aquilonian king (Conan?).  They are based with Mighty Armies in mind, but will still work for RRTK.   I liked the outcome but I do need to find shields for them.

But I am sort of leaning towards the old Demonworld Empire figures.  They have a semi-historical look without pin pointing it in a strictly historical setting.  j

These are Demonworld Knights of The Order, which I think may fit in well for Knights of Poitain.  I'm not sure I like the heavily armored horses but I could always swap them out.

And These mounted Noble Lancers may do well for Black Dragons.

Or even these High Elves for Black Dragons, that is with a shield swap and some converting but it gives some room to play with.

Anyways these are some ideas that I am riffing off of.


  1. Your version seems quite nice for Hyboria.

  2. You are on right route indeed!

  3. I think yours look great. The others would do in a pinch but I like the look you achieved.

  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but, as I recall, the Poitain Knights fought with two-handed swords (from horse back no less) Long ago, in a far away time, Minifigs did some scults for the Hyborian Age, but called them by generic names to avoid lawsuits for copyright infringment. They even made a Conan figure with the dragonhelm, and I believe I still have it somewhere.

  5. Thanks guys!

    Whitebear, you are correct the Knights of Poitain fought with Two handed swords. But I haven't found any knight minis that carry two handed swords yet. I could do more converting but I think my skills are limited.