Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rally Round The King for Royal Armies Of The Hyborian Age

I just purchased a copy of Two Hour Wargames' "Rally Round The King"  and am looking forward to seeing if i can use the rules for wargaming Conan's Hyboria.   I have the original copy of Royal Armies by Fantasy Games Unlimited and like it as a source-book but I do have some problems with it.  First of all it was partially written by Lin Carter (who I do like, don't get me wrong), who tends to put his own writings and ideas into Hyboria which were never part of Robert E. Howard's ideas.  I do like some of Lin Carter's stories but sometimes they don't seem to fit with REH (like Hyperboreans being a race of cannibal albino giants whole wield esoteric magical knowledge, they aren't in the game but are an invention of Carter) .  The rules are okay, nothing ground breaking but definitely playable.  Although the basing system is a bit strange, but not mandatory.

That has set me looking to other rule sets, I'm considering Field of Glory but have found the rules a bit restrictive and a bit complicated.  That has lead me to RRTK.  I've always liked  THW reaction system which makes solo wargaming possible and now that they have a mass combat version, I'm expecting it to work out great.   More posts coming soon....

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  1. Let me know how this comes out. I have been looking for a nice set of fantasy rules.