Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Logo Change And The Burning Issue Of The Week

Just a slight change to the logo, thanks for the suggestion Kilted Yaksman!

And for the burning issue, goblins!  Should they be green or orange?  I know the original D&D goblins were orange or orange/brown as per the AD&D Monster Manual, but I've always had a hard time separating the color green from goblins.

 I know Hobgoblins are orange and Bugbears (a close relative are mostly brown to orange brown) but I think goblins should be kind of a brownish to grayish green, but that's like my opinion man.  What's yours?  Leave comments and take the poll .


  1. AD&D goblins are not green.

    I went with orange for my Otherworld Goblins, to distinguish the green orcs.

  2. I do not like green on any of my humanoids. I know a lot of folks like them that way but it just seems to GW to me.

    Back in the day, when I had my massive pile of Ral Partha orcs and goblins, I painted my orcs a sort of blue washed grey. My goblins in "fall colors" - browns, yellows, oranges.

    We did have a guy in our group who painted his greed, but it was a very deep, mossy, muddy green and never as bright as the GW orcs and goblins.


  3. Goblins should be all the colors that tomatoes are.

  4. I've got some Red Box Games goblins that I've painted using some dark browns mixed with cammo green and then gradually highlighting using some light gray and cammo greens. I comes off as muted and not gamma green like the hulk.

    With orcs i tend to stick with grays and blues.