Thursday, November 10, 2011

Amazon Miniature

I'm usually not a big fan of Amazons, mainly because I've never found minis that depicts them very well.  Until I  saw this Freebooter mini today!  I hope they put out more because these would be great for Mordheim!


  1. Pleasant and original -others in the range remind me somehow of the (defunct) Rackham Kelt Fianas (the leggins?).

    100% personal of course, but do you know the Maidenhead 'Babes that Time forgot'?
    The Meso-American 'look' of the Calvalcade Axibalans is original (would for for Tekumel, I think), perhaps too much?
    For a more 'traditional' Greek-like appearance, the Shadowforge 'Dark Temple' look ± fitting, and Eureka does have a large range, including some spectacular cataphracts (don't know directly the minis, but if they were sculpted by the same artist that did the 'pirettes' and the SYW 'Sandras', he knows how to create cute feminine faces).

  2. For some reason i have never checked out the Eureka range. They are very simple but fit into the warrior woman role rather than a hot chick with a sword thing. That's kind of what I'm tired of. I like some of the Maidenhead ones especially the wooly rhino riders. And some of the shadowforge ones are nice too.

  3. The Meso-American is not undone. GW's amazons have been portrayed thus for a long time now. That being said, they were never done to the level of quality portrayed here.

    The Maidenhead stuff are great, generic fantasy Amazons who do not draw their appearance from any particular culture.

    What I would like to see are some Amazons depicting the Skythian style.

  4. I had seen some scythian women in 15mm, I think it was Viking Forge miniatures. I like this particular one but I had mistaken the leggings for armor, so I guess I will have to use a lot of greenstuff if I get one.