Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mordheim In A D&D Setting

I absolutely love the skirmish wargame Mordheim. It's one of the most inventive games that Games Workshop has put out. One of it's biggest weaknesses is the setting. I'm not overly fond of the Warhammer Fantasy world, it just doesn't work for me. There are way too many people worshiping Chaos and becoming mutants, and everyone has oversized weapons and armor. But the rules themselves are pretty good.

I'd like to run a game in a more D&D setting and I think I might use Highport in Greyhawk based on the A series modules. I think it would be perfect, a once great city overrun with orcs, goblins, gnolls, hobgoblins, etc. And the adventurers must explore the depths of the ruins to extract the hostages and recover lost treasure. I think it would be a great game with very little conversion, I just need to start making scenery and amassing models. I suppose I could make up my own setting as well, it would be fun either way.

If anyone has any better setting ideas in Greyhawk, Mystara or Faerun I'm all ears.


  1. Mordheim is a great game! Highport works for Greyhawk. You could always use Zhentil Keep for Faerun. I'm not sure what would be a good place for Mystara, though.

  2. I took the WHFRP rules and just made my own setting in a non WH world. Worked fine.

  3. Ha ha, wow, this is the exact opposite to what I'm trying to do!
    I love the Warhammer Fantasy world, so I'm trying to make a D&D game set in Mordheim.
    We'll see how this goes.
    I hope your game went well. :)