Monday, May 2, 2011

Starfire re-released!

Okay, I'll admit that I just found this out, but this is great news! I've been wanting to get a copy of this but the older rules are scarce and if you do find them you'll pay through the nose.

If you're not familiar with the game, this was one of those awesome Microgames released by Task Force Games (Now called Amarillo Design Bureau). A spaceship battle game based on the sci-fi writings of James White and David Weber. I was more interested in Starfleet Battles than Starfire, so I didn't pay as much attention to this when I was a kid. But it looks like a great game in it's own right and I hope to try it out. Read all the info here!


  1. That's great news, Starfire (or at least original Starfire) is a great little starship combat game!

  2. Starfire was my gateway into Starfleet Battles. Glad to see it re-released!