Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wargames Factory is doing Fantasy!

The art looks great! It looks a lot like Angus McBride's orcs from MERP!

And a lot like the orc I converted from Wargames Factory Numidians. I actually won a Wargames Factory painting contest with this one. (I'd like to think I had a hand in going in this direction as far as the old school orc look, but I can't say it for sure.)

Read more about the new orcs here.


  1. There is no doubt you had some sort of influence. Same style orcs by the same manufacturer. You were likely a light bulb to their product development guys. You should ask them.

    The cool thing is that I can now play the same style orcs in both 15mm and 28mm using these and Khurasan's stuff.

    I'd say that these are pretty much the same as the McBride orcs if you set aside the minor differences in artistic style. Same armor, similar shields, same faces, same helmets. This is a recreation of the McBride orc in every way.


  2. Those Khurasan minis are spot on! I still need to order some!