Friday, September 10, 2010

Royal Armies of The Hyborean Age: Zingara

1500 points

Banner: Field divided into 4 sections. Sections at upper left and lower right are orange while upper right and lower left are white. In the center, where sections meet, is a black three pointed crown.

Zingara compares to medieval Spain at it's height of power. It's organization is very similar to that of Aquilonia. Zingara is more centralized than Aquilonia so that the bulk of it's infantry is not from the nobility' s men-at-arms but is based on regular units in the national uniform of orange.

The regular infantry would have shield patterns identical to the flag or solid orange shields with the black crown in the center. They would carry regimental banners to match their shields. Some of their units might have moorish style armor, though the bulk would be similar to the European style of the Aquilonians .

The cavalry of Zingara is composed of knights but it is from two sources. There are regular units of heavy knights in uniforms of orange with shields like the infantry which are maintained by the king. There are also units made up from the nobility in which each noble might wear his own colors and have his own shield device. Both types of cavalry unit would carry the Zingaran national banner.

In addition, there would also be a unit of Royal Guard cavalry which would be identical to the Royal Guard infantry except that would have gold armor.

The cavalry would compose 25-40% o fthe force and it would have the following elements.

Regular Cavalry HC B 12 66-80
Noble Cavalry HC A 12 20-33
Royal Guard HC A 12 1 unit

The infantry would be 60-75% of the army in the following categories.

Regular Foot HI B 24 65-100
Royal Guard HI A 30 1 unit
Archers LI B 12 0-25

I don't have any idea on the minis at the moment. If anyone else does, I'm open to suggestions!


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