Friday, June 18, 2010

The Original Power Trio

No, I'm not talking about Cream or the Jimmy Hendrix Experience. I'm talking about the Midwest Trifecta that brought us the world's most popular role-playing game!

I find it interesting that this all happened in the Midwest, all three were in three states that I grew up in but I was oblivious as to what was going on, at least until the 80's. I sometimes wish that I had been a little older so I could've participated in the hobby when it was in it's infancy. But if wishes were horses, and all of that...

Most of us know the history on the formation of D&D. Dave Arneson was from Minneapolis, MN, Gary Gygax was from Lake Geneva, WI and I like to throw a third name in there, Bob Bledsaw of The Judges Guild from Decatur, Il. All three men were instrumental in forming the role-playing hobby that we enjoy today!

I wonder if the midwestern location of the creators had any influence as to the feel of the game. With the cold winters and hot muggy summers and the genuine friendly midwestern atmosphere. I wonder if this was created in the Southwest or East Coast if there would've been a completely different feel to the game. I think we get a little glimpse at this with the retro clones, but it's fun to imagine!


  1. I've often wondered if the long midwest winters had any impact, needing some sort of mental exercise and all...

    Of course it makes perfect sense that Arduin came from California ;)

  2. Ha! I've heard things about Arduin but have never read it or played it.