Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Favorite Orcs Part 4- East Riding Miniatures

I was checking the net for some 15mm orcs so I could work on an army of Oerth project. I came across Syr Hobb's Wargaming who carries East Riding Miniatures' fantasy line.
They're aren't a lot of pose variations, and they're a bit static but they do have a lot of potential. I think that they would be perfect for converting them into pig-faced orcs! I'm not sure if pig-faced orcs are specific to the world of Greyhawk, but in my mind they would fit.

Check out these pics!


  1. Thanks for the pointer. East Riding Miniatures is based perhaps half an hour's drive from where I live, if that, so I'll be paying them a visit very soon.

  2. I like those. They look like they would work well as primative denizens of the Hollow Earth.