Friday, January 29, 2010

Royal Armies of The Hyborean Age: Army List (Koth)

Koth 1500 Points

Banner: yellow field with a black triangle in center.

The army of Koth is traditionally strong in archers and relies on these archers, heavy chariots, and the Royal Mailed Cavalry to deliver it's punch. The infantry is of average quality but not as heavily armed as the kingdoms of the West.

Troops all favor white and off white shades with yellow as the most common trim color. Plumes and shields are yellow and shields would bear the black triangle of Koth.

The archers of Koth would all be Shemites with the long Range Shemite bow. There would also be a Shemite archer in each of the heavy chariots. These chariots carry a crew of two (one spearman and one archer) and would have scythes attached to the wheels. The chariots themselves would be of heavy wood with steel wheels and trim.

The army of Koth breaks down as follows:

Shemite Archers- -LI- -B- -18- -40-60
Regular Spearmen- -MI- -B- -24- -40-50
Royal Cavalry- -HC- -A- -12- -0-10
Heavy Chariots- -HCH- -B- -5- -0-10

Shemite Archers (Old Glory Assyrians)

Regular Spearmen (Khurasan Late Romans)

Royal Cavalry (Khurasan Late Roman Clibanarii)

Heavy Chariots (Old Glory Assyrians)


  1. A long time (> 40 years!) fan of both Conan and Ancient wargaming, I bought and perused 'Royal Armies of the Hyborean Age' as soon as it was printed. I have to confess that the Kothian army list is the one I most disagree with. I fully understand that the authors wished to have heavy chariots in Conan's world, but nothing in the 'canon' justifies them in Koth. The closest -and only- reference is the cart carrying chained Conan and the soldiers guarding him. This *at most* would correspond to the light carts (perhaps) used by Assyrians to 'mount' some infantrymen. For heavy chariots they would better have used a minor 'ancient India' country neighboring Vendhya, or perhaps Iranistan...

    For the Shemite archers in Kothian service I from my first reading 'saw' the (Trajanic) Roman 'oriental' auxiliary archers in mail / scale corselet, conical helmet and long skirt. Imho the (dismounted charioteers) Assyrians ones are too heavily armored (the Shemites are less protected than the Bossonian longbowmen) and could onlybe used for officers?

  2. To expand on Abdul's post, Koth seemed to use chariots to bear away the wounded: there's no reference to them used in warfare.