Friday, January 29, 2010

Royal Armies of The Hyborean Age: Army List (Khauran and Khoraja)

Khauran and Khoraja 500 points

Banners: Khauran--solid green
Khoraja--pink field with a diagonal bar of silver

Khauran and Khoraja are two Arabian Nights city states that band together in time of war. Their armies are virtually identical and each city should have 250 points. They are capable of hiring mercenaries but these would be Shemite archers or Desert Nomad cavalry and should not exceed one unit of each.

As in most organized nations, the troops of Khauran and Khoraja favor the colors of their banners of their dress. They would wear white and off white tones with the trim in the colors of their banners.

Cavalry would make up 60-75% of their armies and it's composition is as follows.

Mailed Nobles- -HC- -A- -12- -0-15
Mailed Lancers- -HC- -B- -12- -0-20
Regular Cavalry- -MC- -B- -12- -33-50
Horse Archers- -MC- -C- -12-18- -33-50

The infantry would be 25-40% of the army and would have the following organizations.

Regular Spearmen- -MI- -B- -24- -67-75
Levy Archers- -LI- -C- -12- -25-33

Mailed Nobles

Mailed Lancers

Regular Cavalry

Horse Archers

Regular Spearmen

Levy Archers

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