Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Chaos Wars Mounted Ogre Conversions

Iron Wind Metals/Ral Partha's Ogre Cavalry on Elephants
Iron Wind Metals recently mailed me some minis and among the figures in the box were these Ogres!  I love these figures but I felt they needed a bit of converting just to give them each their own look.

First I started with cutting off one of the ogres arms.  It took a bit of sawing and applying a lot of pressure with the exacto knife but it finally came off.

Then I drilled a hole in the arm and the shoulder with my pin-vise and added a small piece of metal rod in the shoulder hole and glued it.  

Then I inserted the rod into the arm hole and glued that.

I took a bit too much off of the shoulder so I had to sculpt a new shoulder using ProCreate Professional Sculptors Putty.

I decided to give this guy a "Lemmy Kilmister" mustache so I also sculpted some hair.  I may go back and add some layering later on but for now this is what I finished with.

On the second figure I decided to cut his arm off at the elbow.  I cut along the line of his arm guard this way it's easier to disguise where the cut was made.

This is after pinning and gluing the arm.  I had a bit more difficulty with just gluing this one so I added a little ball of the ProCreate on the pin and it held together better.

I decided to sculpt some long hair on this fella.

Back View

And here is the final results.  I like the way they came out and I think the conversions just gave them a little more personality.  I'm no sculpting virtuoso but I'm satisfied with it.


  1. They look pretty good to me...I love the Lemmy moustache. I wish these re-released RP figures were available here in the UK.

    1. Thanks, Springinsfeld! I'm kind of surprised Ral Partha Europe doesn't have them yet. I'm sure it'll be soon.

  2. Lemmy! I had those figures once upon a time myself. Well, I had one of them, not three. But still. Fond memory.