Sunday, January 3, 2016

Superior Models Elf

I decided to touch up an old figure I've had since '84 or so.  I remember my brother buying this elf over at Royal Hobby in Rockford, IL.  We were both digging through a little miniatures bargain bin and he really liked this Superior Models elf from their Wizards and Lizards line.  I ended up picking out a few halflings and some goblins whose make still is a mystery today.  I may post those later some day.

Here's a barbarian that I can't remember the manufacturer who made it.  I think it was Lance and Laser but I'm not sure.  If anyone knows, let me know my memory on this one is a bit fuzzy.

And here's a size comparison shot with one of the Ral Partha Kickstarter miniatures.  They all seem pretty compatible.  The Ral Partha figure seems a bit smaller but his base was actually not quite as thick as the other two figures were. 

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