Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Garrison Miniatures

Garrison miniatures produced a nice brand of Sword and Sorcery miniatures that fit well into the Hyborian world.  Unfortunately they closed up shop before I could put in an order with them, now I wish I had discovered them sooner, I'd love to create some Hyborian armies using mostly Garrison.  Oh, well that's the way it goes.  Here are a couple of figures from their website the first one would fit in well as a Black Dragon knight, the second is a great Gunderman Pikeman and the last are Teutonic Knights that fit very well as Nemedian knights.


Speaking of Garrison miniatures here is a wonderful blog that showcases the Garrison minis Beneath His Sandaled Feet.   I hope he gets back to blogging soon because his minis are fantastic!  


  1. Hi Chad, thanks for the king comments. Can you leave your address on my blog and I can contact you about trying to get hold of Garrison figures. Full range depicted here (with a few errors).

    Owner of Garrison (Rob Young?) has his blog here

  2. And, as mentioned there:;postID=343202236699578948;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=43;src=postname

    Probably Aprilish before I start MAKING the more general Ancients/S&S ranges available depending on work.


    1. Thank you Rob, I'm glad to hear it! I think the Black Dragon knights are probably the best representation out there for the Black Dragons of Hyboria. I'm looking forward to it and hope everything goes well.