Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Gaming

Thanksgiving gaming this year was brought to you by Iron Crown Enterprises "Riddle of the Ring".  I was a huge fan of Tolkien's Middle-Earth and when I saw this game back when I was 12 I knew I had to save up my paper route money for it.  I haven't played it since middle-school or high school so I thought I'd introduce it to my kids.  We had a blast!  My daughter ended up winning the game at the end because she had the One Ring card, although I had to give a bit of prompting during the game to move her piece down towards Orodruin the Cracks of Doom to destroy the ring.


  1. Cool!
    I got to play D&D with my nieces & nephews this thanksgiving, it was a blast.
    BITD my brother & I got the SPI "War of the ring" game for xmas ... I think we managed to actually play it about twice, never to completion. We stole the combat matrix for screwing around with minis though.
    Riddle of the ring looks a lot more playable!

  2. Nice! Riddle of the Ring is more kid friendly. I've never played War of the Ring but it looks more complex, but really cool. I have a copy of Fellowship of the Ring by ICE as well that a friend of mine bought for me but unfortunately didn't have the rules.