Saturday, December 21, 2013

Baron Samedi

Baron Samedi Marcher Baron of Muspelheim IV, leads the Black Watch Knights against the rule of Prydian.   

Rumor has it that his flagship Surtur space fold system failed and ended up bouncing ship and crew through a hellish gateway.  Forever altering Samedi's body giving him the grim glowing green skull face, striking terror in his enemies.  It's also known that the Black Watch Knights that accompanied the Baron on the Surtur were forever sealed inside of their armor.  Nobody knows how they eat or live but some supernatural force has given them powers unknown to humans.

This figure was the limited Free Figure by 15mm UK promoted on the Ion Age website.  I really like the way it turned out, this is the the first time I've tried doing a glow effect on the armor.  I'm happy with how it turned out overall.  


  1. Nice work and very atmosphere inducing too. I will cross post this onto the Ion Age blog shortly so that all the IonFans can see it too.


  2. Thanks! I'll post pics sometime this week of some of the Black Watch troops.