Sunday, November 25, 2012

Trollworld Art Challenge: #1 Rat Kin

I sent off a facebook message to Ken St. Andre and asked him if he'd like to help me out of a drawing slump.  I was looking to do some more illustrations depicting Trollworld so I asked if he would give me a weekly assignment on what to draw.  Ken chooses the subject matter and I crank out the illustration.

Today's illustration is a Rat Kin adventurer, one of the colorful characters that you could find strolling around in the taverns of Khazan or in the sewers (either way it's the same thing).


  1. Great stuff - loved the Balrog too!

  2. More!

    --Grandpa Tzhett, the MormonYoYoMan

  3. Actually, that should be Ratling, not Rat Kin, Charrdd, but good work. Ratling will be a Common Kindred and people are invited to play them when Deluxe T & T comes out.

  4. OK, Ratlin I had the word kindred in my head I guess. :P