Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Bookish Life

I don't normally do this, but I'm going to plug our business.  My wife and I have been on Etsy for almost 7 years and have been doing arts and craft shows around the Midwest and the Madison Farmer's Market for years.  In the last year and a half we've become more focused on our business and hopefully in the future we'll open a real brick and mortar store.

Our focus is in creating art and accessories for bibliophiles using recycled books, like jewelry and art.  Lately I've been doing illustrations on  book pages, like Sherlock Holmes, Lord of the Rings, Slaughterhouse Five, etc...

Hopefully people like what they see, we certainly enjoy doing it!  Check out the Etsy shop here!  And our not so often updated blog Our Bookish Life!


  1. Very nice - must say I'm rather taken with the illustrations. Vonnegut is one of my favourite authors so nice to see him getting some attention. Love the Lord of the Rings stuff as well.

    Great timing too - I was scratching my head over what to get the wife for Christmas. Might have to get in touch through your webstore to see about a custom illustration, if there's time...

  2. Thanks for checking it out, Thantsants. Yep there's plenty of time for a custom illustration!