Monday, July 9, 2012

Old School Citadel Miniature (Plus One New School Mini)

A buddy of mine is going to be starting up a Mordheim campaign and I recently bought a copy of Warhammer Fantasy Battles 3rd Edition (the version I cut my teeth on).  It got me in the mood for some  old school minis, so I've been painting up a storm.

This is a Marauder Miniatures Sea Elf.  I really like these a lot and have about 16 more of them to create a Sea Elf Warband for Mordheim.  Hopefully I can find enough of these to come up with an army for Warhammer too.  I'm pretty much sticking to  this paint scheme for all of them, but I may make some allowances for the character figs.

THis is an old metal Empire Crosbowman painted up to join my Marienburger warband.

Old GW metal Empire Landknechts, the paint job is about 20 years old so I may strip them down and do a repaint in Marienburg colors.

The last one is a new plastic Empire Spearman in Marienburg colors.

I hope to have some more figs to share soon especially some more Sea Elves!

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