Monday, June 4, 2012

Star Blazers Fleet Battle System

I've been watching Starblazers on Netflix On Demand lately and it's got me in the mood to game in that universe.  If you're not familiar with the series, it's about a dying Earth under assault by the Gamilon Empire.  Earth only has another year until the radiation kills the remaining human survivors so they send out their only remaining, The Starship Yamato to Iscandar a friendly planet that can save the Earth.

  Voyager Entertainment has created a game quite a few years ago and is still in business.  I've got the main rules set but have never bought any of the miniatures, so I'm going to put in an order sometime soon.  The book itself is a bit difficult to grasp at first but I think after giving it a couple of trys it should play out a bit smoother.

The figure themselves are really well done and inexpensive, so if you are a fan of the classic anime series or are looking for an alternative and fun game check out Star Blazers Fleet Battles.

Live Action Star Blazers Trailer!

Sicko - "Wave Motion Gun"!  I saw these guys in the early 90s, what a fun band!

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