Monday, February 6, 2012

Shemite Proxies!

I've been going through Old Glory's website today and I've been thinking about maybe using WAB for my got to rules for Hyborian Era Wargaming.  As I was comparing minis I came across OG's Carthaginian Citizen Spearmen and think that these would be perfect for Shemitish mercenaries or home guard.  I like the high pointed helms they look almost Assyrian (I'm not sure how historically accurate these are, most depictions I've seen are not quite as high), but they are really great figures either way!

I'm still planning on using a combination of their Assyrians and Bedouins as well.


  1. Another group you might want to investigate are the Sea Peoples - enemies of Ancient Egypt - as they are usually depicted wearing a conical helmet with little horns which could look quite neat.

    Most depictions of Carthaginian Citizens I've seen are shown wearing a helmet with a rolled crest/point, like the standard bearer above, rather than the more Assyrian-looking helmets of the spearmen.

  2. I was thinking about using the Sea People in with Egyptians to represent the Stygians possibly.