Friday, January 13, 2012

In The Grim Dark Future There Is Only War...

... And For That War There Is Only One Edition!

I've been going back over my Rogue Trader rules and am planning on giving them a whirl this year.  The system wasn't perfect but it did leave a lot of open ends and gave a lot of options to be creative with your armies.  This was pre-codex, so you could pretty much do what you want unlike today when your favorite armies keep getting nerfed and you are at the mercy of the game designers as to what armies are currently supported by Games Workshop (I like to refer to this as the Dark Grim Dark Ages).

I've also been tinkering with doing 40k in 15mm, it makes sense since the original rules were based on Laserburn which was also in 15mm.  I've been tinkering with sculpting in 15mm, and will post some updates soon, but there are also a whole slew of manufacturers that do some great miniatures perfect for 40k.

Today I'm just posting some chaos inspired minis.  Rogue Trader didn't have any specific rules for chaos  that didn't really come along until the Realms of Chaos book I believe.  But that means you can pretty much use anything you want.  Below are some minis that I think will work great for gangers, cultists, demons and agents of chaos!

The following are all Khurasan Miniatures:





Check out Khurasan Miniatures if you are interested, they've got plenty of other minis that would fit into 40k!


  1. Good stuff. Those demon suggestions make me think of the old Epic range, and the ganger batch really do look like they'd fit in on Necromunda.

  2. The gangers remind me of the Goliaths for sure. I found some other minis that could pass for House Delaque too.

  3. For all your cultist needs, you could also have a look at and if you scroll down the page I linked to, there are Zidhe, plus Post-Apocalyse Warriors and Rim Mercenaries for bulking out your gangers. And in the Shia Khan range, there are the Maligs for goblinoids, and from Ground Zero Games, Alien Mercenaries make good Orks.

  4. Thanks, Kobold. I've been checking those out on 15mm UK a lot of their stuff will fit the bill. I really like their imperial forces, I was thinking of using those as either chaos or pirates in power armor. There's plenty of gangers too.

    The GZG Alien Mercenaries are great too, I need to put in an order for them. The Scene UK also has some Orky looking Wasteland Warriors as well.