Monday, November 21, 2011

Schools Of Magick In Imajapoor

"Alright class, who can tell me how the schools of Magick are organized at the Citadel Fantastick?" Queried Headmaster Herionymous Posh.

"That's easy sir, by color of course." squeaked a new student "You've got black and white magick wich are oppposites and then you have the various color spectrums like green for druidry, and Blue for..

"Yes yes yes that would be all too simple wouldn't it?"piped in the Headmaster "But here at Citadel Fantastick we do things differently. Instead we opted for smell !  If you think about it smell has a way of getting embedded in your memory, you smell a spell and instantly you know what form of magick it is.  No color charts or bar graphs, it's all up here," said the Headmaster pointed at his head.

"Sweet smells can be identified with Enchantment, rotting smells with Necromancy, organic smells with Druidry, sulphuric smells with Demonology, and so forth."

Sir I'm picking up a smell right now, what magick is brewing?"  Questioned a student standing close to the Headmaster.

"I smell something too, kind of like brimstone.  Is it a summoning spell?"  Chimed a student.

"No, it smells more like a curse" added another student.

"Oh, erm ...sorry I stopped off at the Rat On A Stick before class," said an embarrassed Headmaster "I mean that was a warding spell.  Class dismissed!"

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