Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Cursed Codpiece of Consuming Coruscation

Mondo Pizarro IV Conquering Principe of Imajapoor seeking a cure for baldness (after all a conqueror just can't be seen in oil paintings without any hair) had his court magicians hard at work on it.  One particular magician Don Fuego de la Pantalones claimed to have the cure and produced an elixir that the Pricipe of Imajapoor was to put inside his prized golden jewel encrusted codpiece.  Little did the Pizarro know, that Don Fuego was actually attempting to assassinate the prince and take the crown of the City State of Imajapoor.

Luckily Pizarro had his loyal garment donner try on the codpiece first (after all who wants to wear a codpiece unless someone else had tried it on first)?  The royal donner screamed in pain and ran around the courtroom.  Finally the courts magicians were able to remove the codpiece but the damage had already been done.

Don Fuego was captured by the Imajapoor Guard and thrown in the dungeon awaiting execution.  The codpiece disappeared, some say it was discarded, othere say Don Fuego was forced to wear it, others say it ended up in the Underdrekk of Imajapoor waiting to be claimed by some unsuspecting treasure hunter.

If the Codpiece is donned whether being added to an armor collection or what not it will inflict 6D6 worth of damage.  Otherwise it may be worth a hefty sum just in it's gold weight in gold and jewels (around 1,200).  But otherwise I don't recommend putting on strange codpieces that you just happen on.


  1. Mondo Pizarro was worth the price of admission all by itself. Well done sir!

  2. No codpieces for me, please. I'm British. Wait, that can't be right.

  3. Thanks Matt!

    Atroll, don't you like deep fried cod with chips? :)