Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stop The Press

I didn't realize that they were still in business until Trollhammer posted about this.  I thought they closed up shop because of all the stolen writing and art, not to mention Ken St. Andre revoking any permission given him to publish Tunnels & Trolls material.  But it seems he is still doing the same thing again by ripping off those who created monsters that were featured in Trollhammer's creature feature, one of which was my character "The Inner Child" which was also featured (with permission) in Swords & Wizardry's Monster Book.

I don't know why people still buy his wares, but apparently he is sill in business.


  1. They say chutzpah is murdering your parents and then begging the judge for mercy because you're an orphan, but the more I hear about Outlaw Press's antics, the more I think it exemplifies chutzpah.

    My condolences in being caught up in this latest bit of theft.

  2. Shipman is a douche! I hate to see good people get pulled into this kind of situation. Hang in there, Chad.

  3. Well, he will go on until Ken and Rick sues him into the ground, but since it wont happen I guess people feel they no longer cares, since they don't seem to.

    I've stopped ranting about it for just that reason.

  4. Thanks James and Shane, I guess it's a teaching experience anyways. Andreas, I understand your frustrations too. I'm not sure why more hasn't been done, maybe getting more indie publishers of T&T products is the answer. I don't know.