Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stygians for Crom!

I've been going over some army ideas with Eli from I See Lead People, and I thought of some great ideas for Stygians!

Crocodile Games have some wonderful Fantasy Egyptians.  I've been especially admiring their Necropolis Guard.  I think they would make great Cult of Set guardsmen or followers of Thutothemes or Toth-Amon (Remember, Thulsa Doom is actually a Kull character).

And maybe a high priest of Set!

Not to mention some Archers and foot soldiers from the same manufacturer.  They look Egyptian enough but have just a touch of fantasy to make them fit into Hyboria.

Then a couple of Reaper Minis for some characters!

I bought this figure 10 years ago hoping to use it as a Priest of Set and painted him to look as such.  Although hist staff got bent and is close to falling off.

Actually, Reaper has more than I can list but they would fit into most any of the middle-eastern flavored countries in Hyboria.

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  1. Good call on the Aegyptus figs. Good way to get the look of Egyptians but not obviously historical.