Sunday, October 16, 2011

Making Characters, Monsters Or Fabled Lands Based On Blog Word Verification: Vinciatu

I've always wanted to do this so today I thought I'd get the ball rolling!  Mainly I'm just using the word verifications that I find interesting or funny.

Today's word verification comes from a posting I left at The Underdark Gazette.

Vinciatu otherwise known as Count Vinciatu was a former Cleric of the Secret Flame.  A lawful good order that serves the light and gives protection to pilgrims and adventurers as they battle the forces of darkness.

On one such adventure the Count discovered an enchanted blade amongst a treasure trove that he and his adventure party uncovered.  He set down his holy mace so he could inspect the sword, it's beautiful sheer black blade seems almost alive.  As he seemed transfixed on the sword, a bugbear sprang out of the dark and attacked Vinciatu.  Not having his mace in his hand he was forced to use the blade.  The bugbear was instantly killed on being struck, having his blood and soul drained by the blade.  The cursed blade turned a dark crimson color and Vinciatu found himself filled with a renewed strength and in a state of ecstasy, drunk with power.

The rest of the party were somewhat shocked by the cleric's use of a bladed weapon.  Upon return to the city they related Vinciatu's actions to the head of his order.  The head cleric recognized the blade as "Soul Slaked" and evil weapon used by Liche King Cain the Accursed.  It was a thing of evil and the order demanded Vinciatu turn it over to be destroyed.  He refused and attacked and killed the head of the order.

His disgrace caused him to flee the city as he sought refuge in the ancient tombs in the country side.  He learned the black arts of necromancy and using his vampire blade to take the lives of traders, travelers and adventurers.  Eventually Vinciatu discovers that he can't live without the blade and he must take at least one life every day.

Count Vinciatu
Str: 15
Int: 11
Wis: 10
Dex: 8
Con: 11
Cha: 6
Alignment:  Chaotic Evil

The Count can no longer turn the undead like all clerics due to his being cast out of the order.  But he now can summon the undead.

Soul Slaked gives the Count a +2 to his attacks and drains his opponents strength at a +2.

If the blade is not in Vinciatu's posession he receives a -1 to his Strength and Constitution.