Tuesday, August 2, 2011

G.I. Joe In 15mm

Chris over at The Basement Gaming Bunker came up with a great idea, G.I. Joe in 15mm! I've got a bunch of Earthforce Marines from Rebel Minis, so I'm going to repaint them to look like Cobra Vipers. But what other minis could I use to represent other forces?

What figures would best represent the Crimson Guard?
Maybe Rebel minis Earthforce Magistrates?

Tomax and Xamot could lead them into battle, using Rebel's Gun Clerics! I probably could get a Destro and Baroness out of this pack.

Earthforce Home Guard would make decent regular Cobra troops or even Joes.

Post Apoc. Gangers and Bikers become Dreadnoks!

Various figures would fit in with the GI Joe characters; such as civillian contractors, gang task force, modern spy or post apoc survivalists.

Rebel Minis has a huge selection and would be perfect for running a G.I. Joe base wargame!


  1. That's awesome! I would have painted balaclavas on the Cobra Soldiers though.

  2. That's most likely what I'd do. I found a mini that could fill in for Dr. Mindbender as well.

  3. I have some GZG Free Cal-Tex that are almost the spitting image of Cobra VIPERs.


  4. You're right! They do look a lot alike.