Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sorcerers of Doom!

Sorcerers of Doom! is a blog dedicated to meshing both role-playing and boardgames to create one fast and simple game that everyone can enjoy! No DM is needed, and anybody can create their own adventures. The game is based on the old Heritage Models Dungeon Dwellers playsets, the rules were called Crypt of the Sorcerer and Dungeons of Doom. This is such a great idea and I hope it really takes off! It can be downloaded here.

Another game I'd like to see get a re-vamp is Caverns Deep by Ral Partha. I'm still trying to find a reasonably priced one on ebay or some other site with not much luck.

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  1. Many thanks for the shoutout.

    Just to clarify - the downloads are of the original Heritage rules, just re-laid out in fresh PDFs.

    I'm hoping to have some more info soon at the projects new location!