Saturday, July 2, 2011

Imajapoor: Followers Of Chaos In Tunnels & Trolls

No religion is more evil than those that worship the gods of chaos. Their bloody handed priests offer up unwilling sacrifices to the foulspawn of the void. Thuggee fanatics skulk in the dark alleyways of Imajapoor awaiting fresh victims for their bloody rites. Evil sorcerers recite blasphemous incantations to call up the powers of eternal damnation to do their bidding.

This evil that festers in Imajapoor would be a force to be reckoned with it it weren't for one thing....Chaos has a hard time getting organized.....

Thuggee #1: "Aye, 'ere comes a victim of opportunity. A chance to show the Dark Lord Aaaaactchooolhu my quality as a servant! Pass me the garrote."

Thuggee #2: "Garrote? I thought you brought the garrote? I brought the liverwurst sandwiches."

Thuggee #1: " 'ow are we going to relieve our victims from their mortal coil with a liverwurst sandwich?"

Thuggee #2: " I dunno, it's a few days old maybe we could give 'em food poisoning."

Thuggee #1: "Arrrr yer son-of-a-bachelor!" (Biffs Thuggee #2 in the snout)

Thuggee #2: "There's no call for violence, I was just trying to be thoughtful and pack a lunch for us. And you have to get all cross with me. Honestly I don't know why I try any...."

Victim of Opportunity: "Excuse me sir, is this your garrote?"

Thuggee #2: "Why yes, thank you sir. Very kind of you to return it."

Victim of Opportunity: "Think nothing of it, I wouldn't want it to get into the wrong hands. There's Chaos cultists in these back alleys. Have a nice day."

Thuggee #2: "He was a right sort of chap, wasn't he?"

Thuggee #1: "A real gentleman. You never expect to meet someone with manners in the back alleys."

Thuggee #3: "Hello chums, I brought the tea kettle!"

Thuggee #2: "Cracking good idea! I could go for a cuppa. Did you bring any cups?"

Thuggee #1: "No I didn't, but I have a pocket full of currents. By the way, where did the victim go?"

You get the idea. It's a really evil cult that does really really bad bad things if they ever got around to doing them.


  1. :D Loved this.
    They seem very dedicated to the cause!

  2. Dedicated if not detail oriented. :)